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The Benefits of Bipolar Disorder Counselling

Those with bipolar disorder go from euphoric highs to seemingly bottomless lows, often with little or no warning before the switch. Bipolar disorder counselling in Annerley, Brisbane, helps clients deal with these intense states, and in some cases, can provide some advance warning as one state starts to change to the next. The assistance in recognising early warning signs, relapse prevention and management are key ways a counsellor can help. A counsellor or other outside person can spot behaviour or mood changes that the client may not yet be aware of.

Bipolar disorder counselling also helps clients deal with the negative effects of each mind state. A good counsellor can spot when a client's big idea has a good foundation, and when it is the sign of a manic state. Similarly, the counsellor can tell when the down state is a result of the bipolar depressive phase or when it is a normal response to a life event. This guidance is a much-needed anchor for bipolar sufferers.

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