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As a social worker I value supervision greatly.  I have been providing clinical supervision to social work students and social workers for over 20 years.

My approach as a clinical social work supervisor is guided by the AASW Practice Standards 2023 and  AASW Supervision Standards 2014 which incorporates the values of Respect, Social Justice and Professional Integrity.  The functions of professional supervision are Learning, Support and Accountability. These standards remind us of the central role professional supervision has in the continuation of best practice in social work and enhancement of client outcomes.  Professional supervision is an important way of reflecting on and enhancing social work practice. Let’s face it, the job of a social worker is a complex, and at times, challenging one.  


I believe in the importance of a positive supervisory relationship in order to build the trust and comfort needed to perform the role of quality supervision.  As a supervisor, I endeavour to provide a dedicated and safe space to promote knowledge, reflection and explore emotions that may arise.

I support and guide social workers applying for their Accredited Mental Health Social Worker status. I value the opportunity to support someone’s professional growth.  


I have always engaged in my own regular supervision. For me it’s vital.  Even with more than 25 years of social work practice under my belt, I continue to value the support, reflection and learning I gain from engaging in my own supervision.  


I have continued to develop my supervisory skills and knowledge by receiving supervision and attending professional development activities such as  ‘Supervision training’ and ‘Supervising the Supervisor training’ at The Queensland Centre for Mental Health Learning.

I am a member of a Trauma-informed professional network called Traumapracs

Phone and video sessions available

Contact me at or call m: 0490 347 048

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