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What is DBT?

DBT or Dialectical Behavior Therapy, teaches clients how to reduce conflict in relationships and manage painful emotions. It was originally developed to help those with borderline personality disorder. However, as time went on, it was found to be useful for other problems, such as depression, eating disorders, drug abuse, PTSD, and more.

Those who undergo DBT training will learn good response patterns in four key areas. Mindfulness is the ability to be "in the moment," distress tolerance teaches how to properly tolerate and handle negative emotions, emotion regulation deals with handling strong emotions that may be causing problems in personal interactions, and interpersonal effectiveness teaches how to best engage with others in a way that maintains self-respect, assertiveness, and improves relationships.

It is clear why this therapy can help with multiple disorders. DBT provides a map of healthy ways to deal with people and emotions, and this helps to live a life worth living.

Una has worked as a DBT therapist and has undergone DBT intensive training .  She can offer DBT informed therapy in individual sessions but is currently not offering the group skills program.

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