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Do You Need Postnatal Mental Health Counselling?

If you feel depressed, angry or just not yourself after the arrival of a new baby, you may need postnatal mental health counselling. This Annerley, Brisbane, counselling service is focused on helping you adapt to your new lifestyle as the parent of a new baby and on helping you work through the mental health issues that may accompany this status change.

A good counsellor realises that not all of the emotional changes that occur at this time in life are mental. Instead, some are driven by the massive hormonal changes that come with the completion of pregnancy. A therapist should let you know what to expect in this regard and then teach you the best ways to deal with it. If there are other underlying issues you need to work through, postnatal mental health counselling will address these as well.

Notably, counselling isn't only needed by first-time mothers. It is useful after any birth, whether it's your first child or your fourth.

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